Do You Have a Throat Chakra Personality?

Chakra Healing

The blue throat chakra resides in the middle of your throat and it’s related to your authenticity, honesty, honor, communications and life purpose. This is where we take things up a notch integrity-wise. The Sankrit name for the throat chakra is “visuddha” which means “purity.”

You can think of the throat as a sort of filter – just look how much more narrow it is than the rest of the body below it! This is where we rise to a higher calling and realize what a huge affect our word has on ourselves and others.

Here are the signs that you have a throat chakra personality:
  1. You’re a great communicator.
  2. You’re an inspirational speaker (and also an inspirational person).
  3. You express yourself in a myriad of different media like speaking, writing, playing an instrument, painting, etc.
  4. You’re spiritual in your own unique way (awareness of the oneness of all reality).
  5. You’re good at keeping your word.
  6. You’re clear on your life purpose and what you’re here to do.
  7. You’re an innovator.
  8. You don’t like to be put in a box. You typically avoid the 9-to-5 type schedule.
  9. You love freedom and autonomy.
  10. You may find it challenging to be faithful in a monogamous relationship (as you prefer freedom in intimacy).
  11. You have the vision and skills needed to create positive change in the world.
  12. You have a strong, pleasing voice.

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