Cat Healing


What are Chakras?

Humans have 7 major Chakras, the Cat has 8 Chakras are energy centers in the body through which energy flows. If one of the Chakras becomes blocked, or unbalanced, it can often lead to physical or emotional illness &  spiritual challenges  Each Chakra represents different parts of the physical and emotional being. Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra malfunction.

Few questions often arise in our mind, 

  • Oh ! what’s wrong with my Fur baby?
  • Why is my Fur baby suffering?
  • Why is my Fur baby in pain?
  • What can I do to help my Fur baby suffer less?
  • What can I do to help my Fur baby heal faster?
  • Why is my Fur baby Sad?
  • Why is my Fur baby Gloomy?
  • Why is my Fur baby Not Eating?
  • Why is my Fur baby Scared?
  • Why is my fur baby falling sick again & again

Where are Chakras located on a cat?

But what is the reason of Suffering of my Fur Baby?

  1. Is it Physical suffering?
  2. Is it Emotional suffering?
  3. Is it Spiritual suffering?
  4. Is my Fur Baby taking on my problems on him or her?
  5. Is my Fur Baby protecting me against any dark, negative, Voodoo, Black Magic Energies?
  6. Is my Fur baby seeing any negative energies around
  7. Is my Fur baby Grieving or mourning loss of near and dear one
  8. What does my Fur Baby Run Away from my home again and again

So, what is it exactly? We are sure you would want to know the reason of ill health / suffering of your FUR BABY

What are The Benefits of Reiki in Cats,

  1. Promotes Deep Relaxation in stressful situations – for example visiting a vet, traveling in a car, or introducing an animal to a new environment or stranger
  2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety, including Separation anxiety (FOMO ) Fear Of Missing Out on Anxiety
  3. Reiki can be sent online when you are away from your pet or when you are away on a holiday
  4. Reiki Can support and accelerate healing following surgery, illness, or injury
  5. Reiki Can help with a behavioral or emotional problems following trauma, abuse, or neglect
  6. Reiki can help a grieving animal if their owners have passed away
  7. Naturally reduced side effects/boost positive effects of traditional medicine
  8. Reiki Can provide support for pregnant animals, animals with disabilities, or older animals with a terminal illness.
  9. Reiki can help dying pets cross over to white light and support their owners who are grieving
  10. Reiki can be sent distantly to animals in distress -for example to animals affected by poaching, deforestation, pollution, hunting, oil spills, natural disaster, and other human activities.
  11. Reiki Can help your Cat if the cat is grieving or mourning loss of near and dear one

What do each of the Chakras of the cat mean?

What is the purpose of each Chakra?

What are signs my cat’s Chakras might be imbalanced?

Online Reiki Healing

(You must take your pet to a Veterinarian for Medical Treatment as and when required, healing only will not be an alternative to Medical Treatment. It can guide, help & heal in times of need )

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