Trust is the act of placing confidence in someone without any second thoughts and will full faith and honesty. Some negative or shocking life experiences can impact a person’s ability to trust others. Mistrust often come from early life experiences and interactions. For eg. If someone doesn’t get enough care and acceptance in childhood, or is abused, violated, or mistreated, bullied or treated badly by others. Social rejection in teenage could also be a reason of mistrust. Low self-esteem also plays a huge role in a person’s life and a big hinderance in trusting others.

Symptoms of Mistrust:

  • Fear of losing someone
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Anti-Social
  • Avoid making new friends
  • Feeling of betrayal all the time
  • Difficulty in opening up to others
  • Insecurity
  • Suspicious Nature
  • Isolation
  • Stormy Relationships
  • Lack of intimacy

Chakra that gets blocked: Root and Heart

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