Tarot Card Course In Delhi

How to call upon Angels and seek their help-Connecting with Guardian Angel-Introduction to Archangels- Communicating with Angels-Reading for yourself and for others-Situations under which reading can be done?

Brief history of Angel cards – What are Angels – What are Angel cards- What is Angel card reading – Basis of card readings – Scope of Angel card reading- Understanding the meaning of each card – Shuffling- How to make Predictions?

Benefits & Brief history of Angel Cards –

Who are Angels ?

What are Angel cards?

What is Angel card reading ?

How to do card readings ?

How to charge cards?

How to Clear energies from Cards

How to connect with client’s aura in person and distance

Understanding & Interpreting the meaning of each card –

How to connect with Angels / Ascended Master / Guides /Spirit Guides/ Guardian Angels

Shuffling & knowledge of Various Spreads

Get the Predictions with Best Angel Card Reader in Delhi about Finance: Health : Love : Career :Relationship : Abundance : Marriage : Divorce : Studies : Children: Daily  : Weekly: Monthly : Yearly  Predictions etc.