Introduction to AHU


Angels Heal U is a spiritual healing center, an institution where we believe that each family should have at least one healer in their family. We believe in helping and healing and further teaching our learnings to others so that more and more people can benefit good health and good life. 

AngelsHealU having its office in Head Office New Delhi, was founded in 2009 by Amit Sabharwall (Michael) after the death of his father in 2007. Amit felt disappointed, and he felt helpless and cheated when most of the modalities failed as religious preachers took lots of money to improve his father’s health and few astrologer’s predictions never came true which they later blamed that probably his father’s birth time was not correct. After losing lot of money and faith in these modalities and so called healers who didn’t know the basics of Mind | Body | Soul & Karma.

Amit pledged to find solutions and he himself did lot of research in finding the right healing modalities as well as ways and means to get the correct predictions without date, time or place of birth. 

Thus, began his spiritual quest & journey by meeting various teachers, shamans, spiritual gurus across the globe. He started his journey with Reiki Healing and after deeply understanding Usui Reiki, came Angel Healing as well as learning the Angel Tarot Cards and Angel Oracle Cards. In order to work towards serving the humanity, Amit left his corporate life after serving 6 American companies at Global level to work towards his life purpose. He realized after helping and healing many friends and associates that the healing worked for some time, but people came back to square one after few weeks or months. 

Thus, his further research started, on understanding & researching on patterns which occurred in the lives of friends and associates he had been healing and found out that these patterns were related to PAST LIVES. And at times to the current life circumstances and the childhood upbringing also played an overly critical role. 

Amit further learned Emotional Freedom Technique as well as Clinical Hypnotherapy to help same set of friends and was successful in eradicating the deeply embedded issues. 

Amit has discovered the technique of PRESENT LIFE PROGRESSION while channeling with Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel and he is the only person on this planet who works on this Therapy.

Amit and his Wife Jasmeet Kaur (who is also a trained and qualified healer since 2009) started their journey as a healer and have successfully worked towards healing many clients and have also trained many students in Reiki | Emotional Freedom Technique |Angel HealingAngel Card Reading | Angel Tarot Card Reading | Pendulum Dowsing |Past Life Regression with Angels | Present Life Progression with Angels | Future Life Progression with Angels | Clinical Hypnotherapy | Switch Words | Akashic Tarot Card Reading

Everyday is a new learning and wonderful experience at AngelsHealU. We feel satisfied after adding meaning to our life and by adding value by making exceptionally beautiful difference to so many lives. These positive energies heal the mind, body and soul and make the aura and persona so positive that no negative energies can affect the ones who are guided by God & Angels to connect with Amit and Jasmeet as they serve as a channel to work with the God, Angels, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Reiki Guides & Ascended Masters.

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