We believe 1 member in each family should be a Healer who can help his/her family and friends.

1. Introduction to Angels and Archangels Here you will understand about all about Major Arch Angels and which Angel to connect in various situations. 2. Powerful ways to use crystals to connect with angelic realm and your higher self You will learn about all kinds of crystals and how to use them for energy healing on yourself as well as for others. You will also learn about which crystal is associated with which Angel and Chakra Book Now 3. How to discover your personal light worker realm Discover and unveil the path to becoming a light healer and connect better with the higher realms 4. Crystal Grids You will learn about various Crystal Grids for manifestation, clearing psychic energies and many more situations related to our life. 5. Advanced clearing and shielding methods to protect your energy You will learn about Advanced and much effective rituals to clear, shield and protect yourself from any psychic attacks or negative energies 6. Introduction to additional 5 chakras You will learn about additional 5 Chakras and how to clear and activate those chakras 7. Power Meditation with Mother Gaia This meditation will help you in Grounding and activating your Earth Star Chakra 8. Vacuuming You will learn about a powerful technique on how to remove negative energies from your house, your workspace and your life with the help of Vacuuming 9. Angel Tarot Card Reading You will learn about Angel Tarot Cards and how to do readings for yourself and your clients. Additional card spreads will be taught in this workshop 10. Angel Connection Special Techniques You shall learn how to call when to call the Angels 11. How to combine various angles while healing A must so that you can understand the customer needs 12. Manifestation with various Angels This will take you to highest level in life Course Duration : 3 Day + Certificate +Lunch+ Life Long Support & Guidance Tea / Coffee /Snacks & Lunch on both days