Michael Our Client From Japan, his name he doesn’t want to share as he is a well known personality. 💫 We did a distance Hypnosis Pain Releiveing Session for him IST 2.PM dated 4 April 2020. Within 2 hours he felt pain relieved and shared his testimonial. You can heal your pain too. Chose Happiness Over Pain
Unknown Happy Client
Michael Iline was after or before is unclear. The area of the face trying to reach the light above had a shadowy passage and then I move my body to raise it to cross over. The crown chakra area was very soothing and felt a I could read what she was going to say before she said it and then I realized I could here and foresee the statements she said earlier than it wa happening as if it was meant to be. Our meeting Amit was meant to be. Then you came online and we spoke. Thank you It was pleasure to focus on oneself and thank you for the wonderful prayers and blessings. God bless you!
-Happy Client
Jophiel While I went through the session today, I had a little resistance but then within a few minutes of the session I gave up and went into a half sleep mode. Starting with stomach pinch to release feeling to chest discomfort to acceptance to heart tension to warmth in the heart area to a release of heat and then to the throat which felt mixed with spices with tension in the back to release of all from back to throat (still feels should have been a little longer ) but then I think i slept and noticed the connection disconnected and after the reconnecting we into the eyes and in between the eyes. I seem to have lost time sequence here as the disconnects of the telephone line was after or before is unclear. The area of the face trying to reach the light above had a shadowy passage and then I move my body to raise it to cross over. The crown chakra area was very soothing and felt a I could read what she was going to say before she said it and then I realized
-Happy Client
After reading many books on past life regression, I decided that I had to try it, as I was completely stuck in my current life. I finally chose to do it and went to a superb regressionist in Delhi Mr. Amit Sabharwall from angelshealu. Amit Sabharwall is amazing. He guided me into the past, but better than that, He helped me interpret how my past lives connected to the current, and what it meant. Seeing one’s past lives is only the beginning of the picture. Relating them to the lessons for the current life is far more important, and Mr. Sabharwall is masterful at helping one understand the connections. Also, his tutorials and guidance on how the spirit world moves and works in relation to life today is equally insightful and healing, in and of itself. I would highly recommend Mr. Sabharwall to anybody who needs answers….about anything! You will walk away with a completely different perspective on what is really happening in your life, and why…..and furthermore, what you can do about it! I’ve always wanted to learn more about past lives and had no idea of what to expect from just one session. Mr. Sabharwall is a very open, friendly and patient person. He invites me into his space as if you’ve known each other your entire life. His attitude, ability to create a safe container and true gift to facilitate this process helped me to relax as I was nervous and apprehensive. It was an intense and emotional experience for me, however his gentle guidance helped me to release a lot of anxiety, anger and fears. If you are looking for a past life regression, I can easily say there would be no better person than Mr. Sabharwall. He is extremely knowledgeable, wise, caring, intelligent and intuitive person, and perhaps much more. He is the modern day spiritual guide who has practical solutions to resolve literally all issues. Mr. Sabharwall. has deeper understanding of past life than most of the experts in this field. I would highly recommend anyone to utilize his expertise to anyone who would like to have a trip of his/her life-time…. or may be many life-times. Orly -Thank you for showing the light. So grateful to Mr. Amit Sabharwall… -Anandita Age-32 Delhi Creative Head :MNC Advertiseming Company It just felt like life decided to put me through the toughest testing times, and the tests did not seem to end.It only kept going from hard to worse. No matter how much I tried to show an optimistic outlook, inside I was getting broken bit by bit. After having proved myself in the past, having achieved success this sudden fall made it almost impossible to even crawl, leave aside standing up.The back stabs had made the spine hollow, the betrayal had broken heart into pieces that probably I did not recognise anymore.The let downs had totally shaken the soul.Smiling and laughing felt like such a lie. The ones those who were showed up as enemies, who seemed to be doing the wrong things, insulted me, put me down just kept winning. Loved ones were showering harsh judgements and there was no support around. To add to that suddenly developed allergies visible on the face to which the doctors had no clue. Nobody understood.The only logical step seemed to be to let go…even of the self, as the inner talk of the devil kept convincing that I had stopped adding value to even myself and I would do a favor to the loved ones and the world by letting it off my load. But something kept saving in those moments…through a call…a message…a movie…a song…and it was that something that got me to Amit Sabharwal, after winning a strong battle within. Today I know those were angels. I am so grateful to them for the experience I had in this healing process. Angels blessed me with their presence through sessions with Amit. They helped me see clearly through the past lives and helped me pick all the fragments of my soul and put me back as a whole. I even saw and realised the reasons the things had gone the way they did and probably many more that I didn’t but the healing process cleared it all. The initial day of the healing really shook my body inside out and as the healing progressed it just got better. I even realised that we share relationships not only with people through various lifetimes but also with material things. Amit’s session helped me heal those relationships also.After the sessions I am feeling very light, as if a huge load has been lifted, feel protected and peaceful to move ahead. It has been a week and I am already experiencing difference in people around me and its like doors to good things just opened.Its a blessed feeling. I believe Amit is a wonderful channel that angels love to work with as he allows them with open-mindedness and complete surrender. I strongly recommend him to ones who have been searching for the key to unlock their potential and resolve things that have stopped making sense. This quote best describes Amit, “A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself…” So grateful…thank you Amit. -Radha Age-44 Calcutta Architect Michael it happened as predicted. Thanks for all your support and healing. Blessed to be connected with you and its was good meeting you briefly in Bangalore . The email was went to Global community on Friday. Today I am in Ireland taking charge of EMEA operations. – Mark Age- 52 Singapore President US MNC
Singapore President US MNC
Jophiel I want to express my thanks to you, my mother who had undergone Chemo Therepy, after that I have shared the Angle Prayers you sent and she has started feeling much better. Well the beauty is she only understand Punjabi the Angle Prayer were in English and yet she felt better. Please translate the prayers in Hindi also.
Amritsar ,Software Engineer
Jophiel, I am thankful to your Angel & Reiki Healing which has helped my ailing mother in her health issues, now she can walk without pain and her swellings has also decreased in her legs.
Amita, 28
Gurgoan,Software Engineer
Michael, I don’t have words to express my gratitude for guiding me for choosing right Career also for removing my energy blocks. God bless you.
Michael, I really wonder if it’s me, same old guy who always had Financial Blockage which were killing me but after the EFT sessions with you not only these blocks have disappeared but I am financially sound and safe, my whole thought process has changed I feel energised, motivated and can think logical and straight and to be honest am now Financially sound thanks a lot.
Delhi MD Travel Company
Jophiel, I am grateful to you for removing Energy Blocks and REIKI has been very helpful for my Daughter, now all the Educational Roadblocks have disappeared and she has enhanced concentration level, she is regularly doing the affirmations and prays to her angel for support. God bless you and your team.
Gurgoan V.P Admn MNC
Stability was a word which was not synonymous to me I was always unstable, skipping jobs, temperamental and running low on cash, which had spoiled my image in from of my family, friend but your Reiki Healing, EFT, Angel healing and professional guidance has made a stable man, regaining my confidence self respect and courage. I thank you Michael and will like to learn Angel Healing from you soon, please keep me in your prayers now and always.
Kolkotta Business Man
My divorce has taken Emotional toll on me, regular visit to courts, mud slinging and stress was killing me I always cursed my Ex-Husband, God, my family for this situation I am in. But trust me after meeting you and taking regular Reiki & EFT sessions. I feel it was my Karma and I am over and done with it. I am strong and stable with my emotions and have forgiven my Ex-husband and my Family and have come more closer to God. Thank you Jophiel for being with me guiding me and supporting me in these tough times. Love and best wishes.
Chandigarh Working Women
Michael I really wonder I am the same guy who went into Depression after my breakup, It seemed to me whole world has collapsed and come to an end and there is nothing to live for or something like True Love exists. EFT has worked like magic Angel guidance and Reiki has come as a blessings to me. Thank You Thank You for this new life.
Delhi Owner of a Restaurant
My Family issues were disturbing me, regular fights and my temperament was un-controllable. I am so thankful for EFT and Angel REIKI, now I feel I am in control, loving towards my family and kids, I can say, I am at peace with my self, so are others with me. God bless you Michael.
Amritsar Job Private Company
My Marital life was full of issues, I use to think all the time, never realising that my past life was creating all these issues in this life too and now after Past Life Regression with Angles and Manifesting with Angels I feel I am blessed to be married and love the same partner even more a. Thank you Angels ! Thank you Reiki & Thank You JOPHIEL.
Mumbai Doctor
Childhood Issues can are really dangerous. I use to be a hyper kid and angry kid, seeing my father fighting with my mom and shouting at us. I never understood why I am so short tempered, hyper and angry till the time. Since the time I got EFT and Angel Healing done. Life has turned out to be so beautiful, I myself can’t believe I am the same old guy and the new me is full of love and confidence. Thanks
Jophiel I thank you for connecting me Spiritually to Angels, it feels so wonderful and complete, always safe, blessed, happy and fulfilled. I owe you one big time.
New Jersey Computer Programmer
Michael thanks for helping me obtaining my Peace of mind which was always in pieces, worried, sorrowful, doubtful, insecure. The healing sessions of Reiki +EFT + Angel Healing & Angel Guidance has made me a confident lady. Thank you again.
Dehradun Owner of Restort
Past Lives can be so bothering if we have unresolved issues .Jophiel thanks for cutting my etheric cords and doing my Past Life Regression and Thanks you Angels for helping me forgive my past life karmas .Am at peace and now ready to be a healer too.
Canada Onwer of Pharmacy
These Unknown Fear’s & Phobias are so disturbing that you always live in world of fears, fears attracted more fears was story of my life till I met Jophiel who patiently help me release my fears to Angels and listen to my life issues patiently for hours and giving me solutions and guiding me. EFT was a icing on the cake as now, I don’t know what word fear is. Thank you both God bless you.
West Delhi Student
I have been suffering from Anxiety for a long time and was popping pills, which made me put on weight, adding guilt and inferiority complex.Jophiel you are truly an angel, your patience while doing EFT and Angel Healing and Angel Cards have sorted me for good. I feel relaxed, calm and peaceful and thanks for connecting me to Angels.
Bangalore Artist
After the loss of my wife I went into deep Depression, for me whole world had come to an end and with a kid life seemed to be tough. I was worried and confused what will I do now, How will I raise my kid and home seemed to haunt me. Michael Thanks for your Angel Secession, EFT healing, motivation and corporate guidance. I am back on my feet. I still miss my wife, but I know. she is in heaven happy and watching over us.
Delhi Dentist
Coming out of a Trauma was a big task for me. But thanks to EFT I am fine now. thanks you Jophiel. :
Delhi Houswife
Anger Management always mushkil lagta tha. Par jab se maine EFT Kiya abh main bahut shant ho. Abh muje Anger gussa nahi aata. Yeh Sabh ab samaj main aaya ki gussa Anger agar nahi chaoo to nahi aa aata. Michael ji Thank You I was Addictied to Alcohol and always had a reason to hit the bottle, sometimes happiness, sometime anger till the time I discovered EFT is such a powerful tool, it has changed me, no more addition, now I drink socially. Michael Thanks buddy.
Lucknow Shopkeeper
Allergies has take a toll on my skin. Well thanks to Jophiel now these allergies have gone and the way she did Reiki and Angel Healing for me and explained me it was awesome, I am regular at my Angel Prayers and a pretty allergy free girl.
Delhi Stage Artist
After the Angel Healing and Angel Cards Sessions I feel my Mind Body & Soul all are in sink, calm, peaceful and serene my gratitude to Michael.
Gaziabad Professor
My right leg ligament is torn and I use to have great Pain in knee while sitting, walking and standing. After I did my Angel Healing session with Michael I am much better I now walk pain free.
Panipat Business Man
When I was small, I lost both parents and were raised by my father’s elder brother. I have a twin brother who was adopted by my Aunty legally and I wasn’t, he was always favored and pampered which left me neglected and I developed a complex and Low Confidence in me. I became quite and withdrawn and now at age of 37. I have regained my confidence and don’t feel complex any more, all this has happened after taking EFT & Angel Healing sessions, it has helped me and now I can say I am a confident adult MAN. Thanks Michael.
Canada Salesman
Due to pro long illness and medication i developed Sleeping disorders ,Reiki has helped me a lot and EFT has strengthen my thought and boost my confidence.Jophiel thanks a lot I shall now learn Reiki too and self heal as advised by you.
Shimla Housewife
When I was a kid once I went with my mother to Nehru Place and as I ran into open door of lift, to my bad luck the doors closed and the electricity went out. I was locked inside in darkness. I started crying and howling. Now I am 31 and till last few months I could not enter lift and walked stairs of my Gurgaon office, 9 floors this Fear & Phobia of lift use to give me chill in my spine. I heard about Michael. After patiently hearing and understanding my phobia and fear we agreed to do EFT and after 7 sessions of EFT, and 5 sessions of Reiki Healing the fear of lift has gone. Now I can don’t take stairs any more. I take the LIFT. Thanks Michael.
Delhi Phd Student
Michael I am amazed how your Angel Card readings are so accurate even before asking my questions I got my answers and your guidance was excellent and has come true every time.
Bhopal Housewife
Firstly I would like to praise the work Michael and his team is doing at AnglesHealU and express my gratitude for the help he extended at the time when I needed it most. I went to Michael to consult him on two areas – personal and regarding my business. I am happy to mention that Michael patiently understood the issues I was facing, guided me correctly on both the fronts, went out of his way to help me and my staff to understand our issues, and resolve them through his guidance and angle healing sessions that he did with me and my staff located at Dubai from India itself. Me and my staff feel much better now. I feel blessed to have a healer and a friend like Michael around me. I even took my both parents aged 75 to Michael and they also felt delightfully better after their healing sessions with Michael. Both my mother and father feel much lighter and stress-free today.
Dubai Owner Recruitment Co
Connecting to the divine is the most scared things you can do in physical life and angel healing is surely a short way to it. Experienced and witnessed powers in action and card readings surely helped me to make better decisions in life. Thank u for showing me the path of the divine with angels Michael.
Panpiath Salon Owner
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