Do You Have a Third Eye Chakra Personality?

Chakra Healing

Do You Have a Third Eye Chakra Personality?

The third eye chakra is also known as the brow chakra because it is located above and between the eye brows. Its color is indigo and it’s the highest feminine chakra. It’s all about intuition, psychic abilities, balanced perspective, connection to one’s Higher Self, appreciation of beauty and fairness and deep insight and imagination.

Here are the Signs You Have a Third Eye Chakra Personality:
  1. Strong intuition (that you follow!)
  2. Psychic skills – (feeling others or seeing the future)
  3. Can easily take multiple perspectives
  4. You’re very fair (and make a good judge)
  5. You can be overwhelmed by beauty in life (as it touches you so deeply)
  6. People tend to come to you for advice
  7. You can visualize easily
  8. You have a great imagination
  9. You live more from your inner word than the external (“real”) world

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