Do You Have a Sacral Chakra Personality?


The sacral chakra is the orange energy center of the hips and pelvic bowl. It is the home of the lowest feminine chakra and is related to joy, flow, ease, emotions, creativity, sensuality, female sexuality and intimacy.

Here Are Some of the Signs of a Sacral Chakra Personality:
  1. Goes with the flow/easy-going
  2. Intimacy oriented (makes you feel like you’re the only other)
  3. Has access to the full range of emotions
  4. Is creative (not just with art but in all areas of life)
  5. Very adaptable/loves change
  6. Tends to have multiple relationships (or moves through many)
  7. Can get lost in the other/might be co-dependent
  8. Likes to play and “party”
  9. Has empathic skills
  10. Has feminine voice, movement, etc
  11. Has trouble staying on schedule (so don’t try to count on the sacral type)

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