Do You Have a ROOT Chakra Personality?


The root is the red chakra that is related to our tailbone, legs and feet (and testes for the men). Developing mostly in the first seven years of our lives, it’s responsible for our sense of safety and security and is related to home, overall health, family, career and money (especially regarding financial stability).

Here Are the Signs of a Root Chakra Personality:
  1. Talks slower
  2. Moves slower
  3. More relaxed
  4. Funny (and very observant of the human condition)
  5. Humble and self-deprecating
  6. Strong, sturdy or stocky
  7. Gains weight or muscle more easily than others
  8. Deeper voice (relative to gender, of course)
  9. Great manifestor (navigates the physical world well)
  10. Magnetic (draws people in)
  11. Loves routine and has lots of “favorite” things
  12. Loves home, travels less than the other types
  13. Often works too much
  14. Feels family is very important
  15. Is very loyal
  16. Loves sleep and sleeping in

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