Do You Have a Heart Chakra Personality?

Chakra Healing

The heart chakra is green and its secondary color is pink. The element here is easy-breezy air, and the qualities are the ones an unconditionally loving mother so easily demonstrates: love, compassion, kindness, patience, peace, forgiveness and gratitude. The heart is also the energy center of healing, since the heart’s energy moves down the arms and out the hands.

Here are the signs that you have a heart chakra personality:
  1. You’re motherly and enjoy taking care of people.
  2. You’re a natural healer. Rub your hands together and see how easily and quickly you generate heat.
  3. You have extra awareness of your hands and may have elegant hand gestures.
  4. You are graceful (yes, this includes you heart chakra MEN too).
  5. You relate to animals, especially the type that get close to humans, because they are such great teachers of love and bonding.
  6. You tend to love nature.
  7. You’re open-minded.
  8. You rarely judge others.
  9. You’re generous.
  10. You’re so forgiving that it’s almost impossible to hold a grudge.
  11. You’re drawn to do charity work.

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