10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Root Chakra Healing


The human body is composed of seven chakras, out of which the root chakra is placed at the base of the spinal cord. As this chakra is associated with the different energy levels in the body, hence the blockage of this one hampers the regular life considerably. Therefore, in such cases, people seek the services of the spiritual healers in India who can provide healing services for balancing out the chakras.

About Root Chakra

Root chakra refers to one of the main seven chakras present in the human body. It is so named as it remains the base of the spine across the tailbone region. The energy here is mainly associated with survival, as well as the safety of the person. This chakra is also known as the “base” as it forms the foundation of the other chakras present in the body.

As this chakra is associated with the energy levels of the body, hence, disruption or imbalance in the root chakra can cause different kinds of ailments to the body. This is one of the reasons why one needs to avail of the chakra cleansing and balancing services to control such conditions.

Here is a little explanation of how it controls the energy level of the body. The root chakra controls the proper energy flow through all the chakras and hence is the central point of energy resources in the body. Another name of this chakra is “Muladhara” where “Mula” means the “root” and “Adhara” means the “foundation.”

According to the experts, it is also the source of energy residing at the “Kundalini” of the body. It is the force of energy that is vital to the entire human body and rises up from the base of the spinal cord.

Where Is the Exact Root Chakra Location?

Perineum happens to be the primary location of the root chakra in the body. It refers to the tiny region that lies between the anus and the genitals in the human body. According to our traditions, the root chakra is related to the first task that any individual undertakes right after birth, and it helps one to realise whether they belong to this planet or not.

The spinal cord begins to form right from the root chakra, i.e., our bottom region, which goes on advancing till the crown chakra. Along with this development, the other organs and systems of the body develop to form the entire human body. As the root chakra marks the beginning of all growth and development of the body, hence it is often regarded as the survival centre of the body.

What Are the Root Chakra Problems?

The root chakra is the master of all the other chakras in the body. It is connected with the safety and sense of security of the body. The root chakra comprises of substances that help to attain the perfect stability in life. This can include our basic requirements like shelter, food, water, safety, etc., Such stability is also closely related to the emotional as well as the mental needs of a human being, which also plays essential roles in the safety feeling of the individual.

According to the spiritual healers in India, often, specific changes in the energies around ourselves can cause certain blockages in the chakras present within the body. As a result of such blockages in the chakras, the body suffers from both physical as well as mental disturbances from time to time. It can be extremely uncomfortable for the person as such imbalances can change the aura and the energy levels around the person considerably.

The experts often regard such blockages in the root chakra as well as other chakras in the body as the problems arise due to the specific imbalances in the energy levels of the chakras. There can be different kinds of risk factors which can alleviate such complications in the body. If you want to identify such factors and heal spiritually without any hassles, you cans eek the services of Angels Heal U.

What Causes the Root Chakra Blockage?

Any kind of negative feeling or thoughts can potentially block the root chakra of the body. Fear, trauma, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, overthinking, worrying, emotional problems, depressions, sluggish, nightmares, and many more can cause the blockage of the root chakra in the body. Unfocussed attitude and the difficulty to let go of anything from life can also bring about the obstruction of the chakras in the body.

As the root chakra sits as the central point controlling all the other chakras in the body, the imbalance or blockage of this one can disrupt the entire human system. Such conditions can often lead to the development of severe health as well as mental conditions in the body. Hence, spiritual healing is a necessity as such procedures can help to bring back the perfect balance between the earthy matters and the chakras of the body.

What Are The Blocked Chakras Symptoms of Root Chakra?

It is quite common to experience an imbalanced root chakra from time to time. As it constitutes the central point for all other chakras, hence, very often, people do suffer from an imbalance in their root chakras. People suffering from trauma or stressed conditions are more likely to fall prey to such shortcomings in their life.

During the initial stages, one might not be able to understand the imbalance of his chakras fully. It might confuse you as to what has precisely caused the blockage of the root chakra in your body. The answer is pretty simple. Any kind of stressed condition or family conflict can bring such imbalances in life.

To know more about the condition, one needs to pay close attention to the feelings as well as their thinking to identify the exact root cause of such imbalance in the body. Here are few of the top symptoms which explains why one needs root chakra cleansing and healing:

Continuous Feeling of Insecurity

A short-lived insecurity feeling is quite normal for every human being. However, if you go through prolonged periods of such feeling, then it is time to refer to a professional to identify the cause of such disturbing emotions in life. The driving cause can be anything like health, finances, kids, etc. It is fine to get paranoid about petty things of life, but if the thoughts linger for many days and disturb your everyday life, then there might be a cleansing needed for the chakras in the body.


Do you often make abrupt decisions out of fear? If you suffer from such conditions and often lose out on your choices due to constant anxiety and fear, then you might have an imbalanced or blocked root chakra. In such cases, do not lose hope as you can get the best spiritual healers in India to help you balance your chakra without any hassles. For more information on such experts, you can check out the services of Angels Heal U.

Obsession About Financial Condition

There are cases where people often obsess over their finances despite having a sufficient amount in their life. This isn’t due to life struggles or lack of money but rather due to the continuous thoughts of becoming poor and losing everything in their life. Such feelings can make them feel lonely and lost, which often messes up with the mental stability of the person. Hence, in such cases, spiritual healing can be more beneficial than any other kinds of therapies available in the market.

Lack of Support Systems in Life

Often people fighting for the basic needs in their life suffer from insecurity and fears as they lack the proper support system in their surroundings. It is pretty natural in such cases that the person suffers from continuous mental stress and anxiety, which happens due to blockage of the root chakra. The root chakra healing services can help you overcome such conditions to lead a healthy life ahead.

Trust Problems

Is it really hard for you to trust the ones who are in close association with you? If you often look at people with an eye for suspicion, then such issues can also lead to thoughts that might be clouded by a constant feeling of mistrust. In such situations, you can seek the services of the professionals who can provide you with healing services. The healing procedures can help you to overcome your fears and other emotional imbalances in the body. This ultimately can help you to lead a peaceful life ahead.

Acceptance Difficulties

In many cases, people are often tired of themselves and do not feel comfortable at all in their own skin. In such situations, they find it difficult to keep themselves happy and content with their lifestyle and their existence. As a whole, they tend to get into depression due to such feelings and the inability to accept oneself. To lower down the chances of such illnesses and also to love oneself, one needs to opt for spiritual chakra cleansing procedures. If you want to hire such services like spiritual healing, card reading, etc. refer to the services of Angels Heal U.


Often people go through serious of anxious feelings about their health and different kinds of diseases like dying from AIDS, cancers, etc. Such feelings can lead to the lingering thoughts of what the future can bring to a person and hence becomes a victim of native thoughts and feelings. To keep such thoughts under control and increase the positive thoughts in one’s life, spiritual chakra healing is a must.

Development of Several Diseases

Due to continuous negative feelings and thoughts, people tend to develop different kinds of mental as well as physical disorders. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, back pain, body pains, difficulty in concentration, sexual dysfunction, etc. are some of the physical symptoms which occur due to root chakra blockage in people. One can seek the services of the best spiritual healers in India to lower the development of such disorders in the body and to get back to a normal and healthy life ahead.

Continuous Feeling of Lethargy

The imbalance in the root chakra in the body can often lead to the feeling of unimportant to oneself and also to the world. As a result of this, frequently, the person feels lethargic towards any activities in their life.

They do not get any motivation to proceed with any kind of activity and seem to lose all hopes and desires from their life. To control such behavior and laziness, root chakra healing is necessary that can bring back the balance in the energies surrounding the body.


Addiction to any kind of desire or substance is exceptionally harmful to regular life. However, the blockage of root chakra might cause such conditions in the person concerned. Hence, to put control over such addictions and to revive the lost life, one needs to go for chakra cleansing services.

What Is Meant By Chakra Cleansing?

Cleansing refers to any kind of technique used to wipe out the impurities from the body to maintain a healthy and active life ahead. However, just like other pollutants and toxic substances enter our body to cause harm to us, similarly, there are energy differences which can disturb the normal functions of the diverse kinds of chakras in the body.

These chakras are all associated with the normal functioning of the body, along with maintaining the regular life processes within the body. The disturbance of any kind in any of these chakras can jumble up the system of the body at a considerable rate. As mentioned earlier, the human body suffers deeply due to the imbalance of these chakras in the body.

Hence, to control such imbalances, one needs to opt for cleansing methods from the licensed professionals available in the market. As a blocked chakra can entirely stop the energy flow, hence, one needs to hire the professional services that can help to unblock these chakras to maintain the perfect balance of the chakras with the internal system of the body.

If not treated or taken care of at the right time, the blockage can ultimately lead to physical health disorders like headaches or stomach pains. Regular sessions of chakra cleansing can benefit the subject to a great extent and help to maintain the ideal balance in their surrounding aura and the energy levels. Such a balance would also help them to lead a stress-free healthy life without any health disorders. However, if you need such services for chakra healing, contact the renowned professionals of Angels Heal U.

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