First Chakra (Root Chakra)

Colour : Red

Emotional Issues – Having A Sense Of Safety And Security, Standing Up For Yourself, Honor, Abandonment, And Others.

Clothes: Men To Wear Maroon Underwear , Women To Wear Maroon Undergarment


Primary Characteristics: Survival, Security, Safety, Stability, Patience, Physical Sturdiness, Ability To Meet One’s Basic Needs And “Stand On One’s Own FEET”, Career And Financial Success. Inability To Make Money Do Business, Inability Find A Job ,Financial Blocks Increase With Age As You Grow,At Times Total Block Of Money  .


Physical IssuesPain Or Problem Related To Feet And Legs, Lower Spine, Immune System, Piles, Fistula And Issues With Your Bones. Blockages Or Overactivity Of This Chakra May Cause Health Problems Like Lower Back Pain, Immune Disorders, Addictions, Or Depression, Among Others Issues Relating To The Feet, Knees, Tailbone, Bones Or Skin, Intestinal And Elimination Disorders, Such As Constipation, Diarrhea, Spastic Colon Or Hemorrhoids. Anger Issues , Frustration , Depression ,Suicidal

If The Chakra Is UNDERACTIVE, Physical And Emotional Issues Tend To Be Congestive – Or Blocked. If It Is OVERACTIVE, They Tend To Be Flowing. Ailments Related To Underactive Root Chakra- Blocked Nerves (Numbness And Tingling Or Neuropathy), Constipation, Circulation Issues, Or Spinal Misalignments/Disc Protrusions Are All Indicative Of An Underactive Chakra.

Emotionally Weak, Depression And Excessive Fear Or Worry About Safety Are Indications Of Blocked Energy. Lack Of MONEY , Difficulty In MAKING MONEY ,Difficulty Finding Right Job Or No Success In Business .

Ailments Related To Overactive Root Chakra- Physical Issues Like Diarrhea Or Varicose Veins And Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Issues Such As Hyper Vigilance, OCD, Or Anxiety. If Your Immune System Is In Hyper Drive (As Is Often Believed In Autoimmune Disorders), This May Be The Result Of An Overactive Root Chakra. If Immunity Is Underactive Or Impaired, It May Be The Result Of An Underactive Root Chakra.

Second Chakra (Sacral Chakra) Also Known As Swadhisthana

Color – Orange

Emotional Issues – Belongingness (Your Place In A Tribe), Oneness, Prosperity, Family Loyalty, And Connection. Might Also Include Sexual Problems Or Eating Disorders.

Primary Characteristics: Sexuality, Creativity, Reproduction, Adaptability, Emotional Release.Lack Of Sexual Interest , Problem In Physical Intimacy ,Anger Issues ,Frustration , Depression

Related Ailments: Low Back Pain, Hip Joint Problems, Abdominal Distention, Genital Diseases, Urinary Or Bladder Infections, Menstrual Problems Or Reproductive Issues, Prostate Problems, Erectile Dysfunction ,Issues In Conceiving Child ,PCOD

Physical Issues – Problems With The Stomach And Intestines, Pelvis, And Reproductive Organs. Remember, An Underactive Second Chakra Will Be Congestive. For Example, Anorexia And Amenorrhea May Result From A Blocked Second Chakra. In General, Overactive Issues Will Be Flowing – So Heavy Menstruation May Be Due To Overactivity Of This Area..

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) Also Known As Manipura

Color – Yellow/Gold

This Is The Chakra Of Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence. It’s Also Where You Develop A Sense Of Self As Separate From Your Tribal And/Or Family Identity. Additionally, It’s A Chakra Of Law And Order, Social/Societal Rules, And Function Within A Group.

Primary Characteristics: Will Power, Low Self Confidence And “Can Do” Attitude, Mental Agility, Ability To Differentiate, Ability To Shine One’s Own Light And To Lead Effectively.

Related Ailments: Issues With The Stomach, Liver, Pancreas Or Gall Bladder, Diabetes Or Hypoglycemia, Digestion Issues, Chronic Fatigue.


Emotional Issues: Lack Of Self Confidence, Depression, Sadness, Anxiety, Constant Fear, Self Pity,Negative Thinking, Rude Behavior ,Short Temper


Physical Issues – Disorders Of The Upper GI System, Arthritis, Impaired Digestion, Liver And Kidney Disorders, And Breathing Issues (Such As Asthma).

If The Chakra Is Underactive, The Physical And Emotional/Spiritual Issues Will Be Congested Or Poorly Flowing (Such As A Gallbladder Obstruction), While An Overactive Chakra Will Be Issues That Have Greater Flow, Such As Excessive Self-Esteem Or Having A Big Ego.

Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra) Also Known As Anahata

Color – Green

Your Heart Chakra Is The Center Point Between The Lower And Upper Chakras. It Serves As A Bridge Between Body And Spirit.

Emotional Issues – The Main Issue Associated With This Chakra Is Love (Unconditional Love For Self And Others). It’s Also Associated With Balance, Grief, Forgiveness, Loneliness, And Self-Centeredness, Depression, Sadness, Anxiety

Clothes: Men Can Wear Green Vest, Women Can Wear Pink Or Green Bra.


Primary Characteristics: Lack Of Love Of Self And Others, Compassion, Kindness, Peace And Calm. Relationship Breakups , Heart Breaks , Attracting Wrong People For Relationships ,Divorce , Separation ,Cheating On Partners ,Partners Cheating On You .


Related Ailments: Diseases Of The Heart Or Lungs, Breathing Issues Like Asthma, Allergies Or Sleep Apnea, Aches In The Chest Or Upper Back, Hypertension, Pneumonia, Circulatory Issues Or Immune System Disorders.

Physical Issues
– Heart Problems Like Arrhythmia And Blockages, Rib And Middle Back Pain, Respiratory Disease, Or Breast Cancer. Blocked Or Poorly Moving Energy Will Tend To Result In Congestive Types Of Issues (For Example, COPD) While Overactivity Of This Chakra Will Result In Flowing Issues (Such As High Blood Pressure).

Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra) Also Known As Vishuddha

Color – Blue


Your Throat Chakra Is Associated With Issues Such As Speaking Your Truth, Expressing Creativity, Surrendering To Divine Will, Following Your Dreams, Having Integrity, And Expressing Yourself.


Primary Characteristics: Expressing One’s Deepest Truth And Creativity From The Soul, Integrity In All Areas, Living One’s Dharma And Experiencing Unlimited Abundance. Introvert


Related Ailments: Problems With Mouth, Jaw, Neck And Shoulders, Over Or Under-Active Thyroid, Laryngitis, Swollen Glands Or Tonsils, Gum Disease.

Physical Issues – Thyroid Issues, GERD, Tooth And Gum Problems, Respiratory Issues, Or Jaw Pain. A Blocked Throat Chakra May Cause Congestive Issues, Such As Hypothyroidism, While An Overactive Throat Chakra May Lead To Issues Of Excess, Such As Hyperthyroidism.

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye Chakra) Also Known As Ajna

Color – Indigo

Your Sixth Chakra Is Located In The Center Of Your Forehead. It Is Associated With Intuition, Reasoning, Intellect, Mental Health, Psychic Ability, Open-Mindedness, Emotional Intelligence, And The Ability To Learn From Experience.

Primary Characteristics: Wisdom, Imagination, Vision, Deep Discernment, Perception That Transcends Duality, Creating Equanimity And Peace. Inability To Focus , Plan And Implement


Related Ailments: Reoccurring Headaches Or Migraines, Eye Problems, Sleeping Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Strokes Or Depression. Insomnia


Physical Issues – Headaches, Mental Illness, Sinus And Ear Problems, Pineal Gland Disorders, And Vision Problems. Blockages Or Under Activity May Lead To Congestive Types Of Disorders, Such As A Sinus Infection, While Overactive Energy May Lead To Disorders Of Excess Flow, Such As Migraines Or Cerebral Hemorrhage.

Seventh Chakra (Crown Chakra) Also Known As Sahasrara
Color – White And Violet

Issues Associated With This Chakra Include Connection To The Divine, Ethics And Values, Universal Trust, Compassion, Spirituality, And Understanding Your Greater/Higher Nature.

Primary Characteristics: Total Experiential Connection To The Universal Life Force, Grace, Beauty And Bliss.

Related Ailments: Mind Ailments – Both Physical And Mental, Nervous System Disorders, Pituitary Problems.

Physical IssuesNeurological Disorders, Pituitary Disorders, Nerve Pain, Stress, And Cognitive Function Disorders.

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