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Healing is no longer seen as a passive experience that means it’s beneficial for your clinical purposes and also for your spiritual self. Spiritual healing is not just curing one another but also reconnecting your physical self with your spiritual self. Spiritual Healing can be defined as the direct interaction between one individual (the healer) and a second (sick) individual with the intention of bringing about an improvement in the illness. Spiritual healing is the practice of restoring, harmonizing and balancing our spirit or soul. There are many different approaches to spiritual healing. Some of them are:

  1. Physical Healing- It refers to the physical healing of your body. You can remove any sort of blockage or pain and heal that particular area.
  2. Emotional Healing- It is the ability to acknowledge events in our lives that hindered us to move forward. It helps to take control of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  3. Mental Healing- It heals any physical ailment or disorder by mental
    concentration or suggestion.
  4. Soul Healing- It helps you in invoking the souls to heal. It changes your perception of living life.
  5. Holistic healing- It helps you in connecting your mind heart and soul. It focuses on healing you completely.
  6. The spiritual healing that you need completely depends on the two questions.
  7.  What is your main Struggle right now?
  8.  Do you have multiple issues or just one?

Now it depends upon you which healing you require like if you are having some chronic pain in your body and also you are facing some trauma then you need physical and mental healing. On the other hand, if you have just one issue like you are in grief or anxiety or depression then you will need to have emotional healing.

Spiritual healing is done by the Master Healers at AngelshealU under the guidance of Divine and Archangels to fill those unwanted gaps in your life which are working as an obstacle and resist your growth. This Spiritual healing helps you in removing such blocks from your physical and spiritual body. It smoothens and cleanses the path for you so that divine energy can easily flow through your body. This healing makes you understand you that you are worthy of loving yourself. It builds the feelings of self-love and makes you understand how important self-care is in your life. It makes your inner child active so that you never leave the innocence that you have. It also helps you in connecting with the spiritual guides and animals that are always around you to help you and to heal you.
Your spiritual growth is in your hands and it completely depends on you that how deliberately you want to heal yourself.

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