Reiki Healing Therapy


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of spiritual healing from Japan. It is a special healing technique with a profound principle based on touch and symbols.

Reiki makes your body heal itself through touch, powerful symbols as well as healing energies. Reiki can transcend to the spiritual aspect of the body. The word, Reiki is derived from the combination of “Rei” which means universe or life power, and “ki” which is interpreted as the physical energy of the body. In Feng Shui, “ki” is translated as “qi”; and when you combine this, Reiki is explained to be the “universal life power energy.”

It is established that reiki is a form of alternate therapy which helps in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

Reiki works beautifully along with your medical treatment. Master Reiki Healers at Angels Heal U advise not to stop your medicines. Reiki serves well for managing any occurring symptoms and it can provide a considerable improvement in the health status of your body. Reiki can help in speedy healing of any disease which you are suffering from.

Through Reiki, you can transform your body to be more vibrant and lively.

How Does Reiki Works?

So, how does a Reiki session perform? Reiki is performed by a therapist by laying his or her hands on you directly or just over your head or body to achieve the much-needed healing. Since every form of healing is rooted in belief, the same applies to Reiki. During the therapy session, healers use energies, intentions, affirmations and symbols to heal the receiver.

Reiki can be either in person or online distance healing. It works beautifully either ways and is a very powerful technique used by Healers worldwide.

What Are the Health Benefits of Reiki

Following are the health benefits of reiki

  1. Reiki alleviates pain, anxiety, and fatigue: Reiki is found to help in reducing the effect of pain and anxiety. If you experience fatigue after a stressful day at work, you may consider consulting a Reiki practitioner.

Whatever the source of your pain, maybe lower back pain, or joint pain, you can undergo a reiki session.

Reiki is effective in alleviating pain, and it yields good results on time. If you are looking for a cost-effective method of healing, consider reiki from the Master Healers at Angels Heal U. Angels Heal U offers efficient and reliable reiki sessions and for years, many have seen the power of reiki and have experience beautiful results after the Reiki Healing sessions by Master Healer Amit (Michael) and Master Healer Jasmeet (Jophiel).

  1. Reiki treats depression: Many people are affected by depression today. There has been a considerable increase in this emotional defect. Due to emotional instability, depression is taking effect on some people. If anyone you know falls in that category, help them to get healed through reiki session at Angels Heal U. Reiki treatment can help to get rid of depression, anxiety, stress and negative thoughts.

When you come for reiki treatment at Angels Heal U, you will experience a relaxed mind, positivity, and lightness. Our reiki session at Angels Heal U will take care of your depression, and you will enjoy the improved mood and health.

  1. Reiki improves the quality of life: Are you tired of what life is bringing your way? Reiki treatment will surely help to bring a new phase of life. You can experience calmness, inner joy and peace, improved sleep, and a relaxed environment. Get in touch with Angels Heal U and have a sense of hope. See resurgent life, and happiness around you.
  2. Reiki can also be used for the treatment of illnesses like headaches, nausea, tension, and insomnia. Reiki is a tested healing therapy that can improve the well-being of the beneficiary. It does not matter the conditions you are passing through, you can find relief and healing from Angels Heal U. Our quality reiki session is scheduled to make you feel better.

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