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PowerFull Prayer To Archangel Michael

Beloved Archangel Michael

I call upon you to connect with me and help me at this moment and forever.

Please surround me with your love, light ,peace and band of angels to protect me , guide me ,heal me and bless me at this moment and forever .

Please vacuum any negative thoughts, fears, phobias, procrastination, ill health, sorrow & sadness, pain, worries , black magic , evil eye , financial blockages , cut any chords and remove these from me , universe , my loved ones , my family , my house , my work place , my vehicles and release them in white light .

Convert my negative thoughts into positive thoughts, fears into faith, procrastination into pro activeness, ill health into health, sorrow & sadness into happiness, pain into relief, worries into peace and financial blockages into abundance.

Guard me, protect me and guide me now and for ever.

I thank you for your love ,protection & healing

So be it


Say this prayer daily for 21 days and see the miracles

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