Past Life Regression

Regression Therapy

At Angels Heal U, we work in cooperation with your Higher Self/Wisdom Self to take you back in time to find the basis of the issue in your current life by putting you into a very peaceful and safe hypnotic trance. Then, at a subconscious level, we assist you release your connection to that experience or incident in a safe and efficient manner, empowering you to take control and go on with your life.

Past-Life Regression Therapy is available at Angels Heal U which can assist you:

  • Release bothersome emotional obstacles that are frequently at the
  • heart of the situations that affect you.
  • Transform your limiting beliefs.
  • Achieve your full potential.
  • Get rid of your Soul Contracts, Curses, Vows, & Karmic debts/challenges
  • Mental issues
  • Health issues
  • Issues related to finance, relationships, married life
  • Release unhealthy life patterns etc.

As a kind of therapy, Past Life Regression Master Healers at Angels Heals U lead participants on a journey of discovery into their prior states of being. They utilize hypnosis to hyper-focus the mind with the help of Archangels, then ask a series of questions to elicit the recall of memories that would otherwise be dormant.

As you go back in time you can see, hear ,visualize , feel the past life’s and know place, time, year, name, gender you had in past life’s and how you died and if the current issues are coming from past lives and finding the solutions to overcome those issues are also part of the therapy.

The objective is to reveal important information about a person’s identity, place in the world, and what is preventing them from living their best lives. According to this belief, unresolved concerns from the past might manifest in the present, resulting in unexplainable pain.

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