How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Get Solutions



The most obvious reason to feel guilty is that you actually did something wrong. This type of guilt may involve harm to others, such as causing someone physical or psychological pain. You may also feel guilty because you violated your own ethical or moral code, such as by cheating, lying or stealing. Guilt over your own behavior can also be caused by doing something you swore you would never do again (such as smoking, drinking, or overeating). While mostly there are psychological effects due to guilt, however, some physical effects can include insomnia, a loss of appetite, and an overall dreary feeling. Guilt happens to share a lot of symptoms with depression; and depression can develop within someone with severe guilt issues.

Few Symptoms of Guilt

  • Suddenly nice behavior
  • No eye-contact
  • Accusing others
  • Insomnia
  • Avoiding others
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Making effort for small talk
  • Anxious
  • Constant Lies

Chakras that gets blocked: Sacral, Heart, Throat and Third Eye


The Angels exude energies of unconditional love and acceptance. We can take their assistance to work on healing guilt to let go of everything that does not serve our highest good. Book your session for Angel Healing, Chakra Healing and Reiki Healing to completely heal our energy fields of guilt and to allow higher proportions of love and positive energy in your life.

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