Reiki Healing in USA


Reiki Healing in USA by Angels Heal U at New Delhi, India is a very powerful healing technique, which heals the mind, body, soul, and emotions by further balancing your well-being, promoting good health, happiness, prosperity, abundance, healthy and happy relationships, success in job / career / business and long life.

Reiki Healing near me is a universal life force energy, which works on Reiki symbols, intention, healing touch, distance symbols, and Reiki Beej Mantra. At Angels Heals U, Reiki Master Amit and Reiki Master Jasmeet are certified healers, both have been helping many people for past many years and continue to spread happiness all over the world. Reiki Healing works beautifully whether it is in person or from the distance. Distance healing session can be done at the comfort of your home in USA with great ease using powerful healing modalities and techniques.

Reiki Healing in USA works very well on the receiver, but the most important part is free will. The receiver must have faith, and trust in Reiki Master near me and the powerful energy healing. Reiki works on symbols, the 3 main Reiki symbols which are mostly used by Reiki Master Healer Amit and Jasmeet are as follows:

1. The Power Symbol (CHO KU REI)
Which means “To bring the power here”
2. The Mental / Emotional Symbol (SEI HEI KI)
Which means “God and Humanity become one”
3. The Distant / Absent Healing symbol (HON SHA ZE SHO NEN)
Which means “The God in me greets the God in you with the view to healing and enlightenment”

There are many other powerful symbols in Reiki besides these 3, which are attuned to you after learning the advanced courses in Reiki.

Reiki healing near me, at Angels Heal U based at New Delhi, India is very helpful centre for Reiki Therapy, Angels Healing, Angel Card Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Emotional Freedom Technique, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Present Life Progression, Future Life Progression, Akashic Tarot Card Reading, Interspecies Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming. You can find you life purpose, achieve your goals, and change your life for good by getting healed with these healing modalities.

Experience the magical experiences with the help of online Reiki Therapy at Angels Heal U.

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