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The soul and the cells of the baby start forming an opinion of the outside world and according to the outside environment prepares himself/herself to enter the materialistic world. On basis of this, one can observe that post birth either the baby is a happy soul, sad soul or physically sick.


Now the second journey starts with the parents and the upbringing (This is the second foundation of the child 1-8 years), the environment in which the child is raised. As the child grows after the age of 10, the PAST LIFE KARMAS get activated and KARMAS come into effect which not only does start affecting the child but also start affecting the immediate family in a positive or negative manner.

As the child enters the teenage and further into adulthood, the child goes through lot of transformation in the immediate surroundings, society as well as at the home front and all this leaves a POSITIVE or a NEGATIVE IMPACT on the soul and cells of the child.

During our practice, we have observed that the soul and the cells starts getting affected in the NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE MANNER. If NEGATIVITY is not treated or healed and removed from the soul and the cells, it creates havoc in all spheres of the life of a person, be it Work, Job, Business, Marriage, Relationship, Finance, Happiness, Education LEADING TO DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, FEAR, PHOBIAS, TRAUMA, CONFLICTS, DIVORCE, STRESS.

Normally, it has been observed that most of the cases of Suffering Souls with Negative Polarity lead to Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Thyroid are the commonly associated health hazards. On the personal front, it shows Lack of Confidence, Anger, Low Self Esteem, either being OVER-WEIGHT or TOO SKINNY affecting the metabolism and imbalance of Hormones

Generally, people with the negative cell polarity also have major challenges in having the perfect, healthy and happy relationship. They might attract wrong partners, will always go ahead and try to please their would-be partners of same negative polarity, thus having unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. They might become Energy Vampire or even attract Energy Vampires into their lives.

It has been seen that people with Positive Polarity always attract MONEY, as MONEY is an energy. Thus, once the negative cell polarity is reversed to positive and the residuals of the Soul’s Past Lives are cleared, the gateway to abundance and prosperity opens-up.

So, in the PRESENT LIFE PROGRESSION THERAPY, we begin the healing process from the current age to the womb (year 0) going year by year to clear all the Negative Energies, Negative Blocks, Negative Beliefs and Negative Patterns. In this process, all the residuals are cleared from the soul and cells so that in FUTURE there are no hinderances in their life. The negative energy and the polarity which gets embedded into the cells, gets reversed into positive polarity hence giving abundance, money, prosperity, good health, good relationships etc.

This technique is the combination of various healing processes. Generally, this kind of healing takes times 2-3 hours per session or can even prolongate into 1 or 2 days session depending on the age, health and mental condition of the client.​

In the end of Present Life Progression, get ready for revelation of who is your Spirit Guide, Angels, Guardian Angel, Spirit Animal. This will be revealed to you by ArchAngel Michael who will continue to help you life long.

Author : Amit Sabharwall |Angels Heal U

This technique was given to me by Archangel Michael and Gabriel during meditations and it has helped many souls and Amit is the only person in world who does this Technique