Pet Animal healing in Gurgaon

Pets are treated as babies and the trend of having Dogs and Cats at home have become very common, more and more Pet Shops are opening, more and more Vet doctors are opening their clinics and the whole pet industry is booming right now. But you will rarely find Pet Healers who are the most important for your pet’s wellbeing.

Angelshealu (Pet Healing Gurgaon Center) is the only pet healing online center in Gurgaon and India. Amit Michael at Angels Heal U (Pet Healing Gurgaon center) specializes in Pet Healing online, Angel Card reading, Dog Healing Gurgaon, Cat healing Gurgaon, Pet Healing Prayer in Gurgaon and Telepathic Communication with Pets.

Pet (Dogs and Cats) have sixth sense, and they have 3 extra primary chakras as compared to humans.

When bad times or negative energies or black magic happens on Pet owners, first things these pets (Dogs or Cats) do is that they absorb the negative energies of their Master, and they start suffering themselves.

For Example, at times you find your Dog barking more or becoming more aggressive or angry, normal course of action the owners do is to take the dog to vet and the Vet advises to Neuter the pet, which is a process against the nature.

The real cause is the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra becomes overactive and if not treated properly will lead to Kidney Issues in your pet.

If the pet owner closely observes he / she himself has fear based energies, anger or sorrow, lack of self-confidence. This is directly related to the owner.

As most of the time, we at Angels Heal U (Pet Healing Gurgaon Center) have done Telepathic communication with the Pets, where Dog or Cat have come to know that the owners astrological stars were unfavorable or the house / work place had negative energies effecting the owners or some Black magic was done.

So, to save the owner from the negative effect of aforesaid issues the Pet takes on themselves all the troubles and many a times when the energies were so harsh that Dog / Cat even dies before time, or they run away.

Also, many times it is seen that our Pets suddenly become very sick or sad or quite often. After doing Telepathic Communication/ Angel Card Reading we have found that the Pets has taken on himself / herself the troubles which owners were going through.

Owners are also approaching Angelshealu (Pet Healing online center) to help them find lost pets as well as Telepathic communication is done with pets to ask many unanswered questions.

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