Past Life Regression Noida

Most often when people don’t find answers to the problems related to Struggle, Job/business challenges, prolonged diseases, painful childhood, diseases since childhood or Child abuse, a sorrowful courtship, a painful marriage, or Tragic Death of losing near and dear ones in early age or at the time when you needed them the most. Incidents like these, breaks a person and a common practice is that they either visit the astrologers and a good astrologer can predict that these issues are stemming from past and those who don’t go to Astrologer or Spiritual guides lead a painful life.

The Solution to the above problems is in Past Life Regression Noida! We at Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression near me) help our clients with challenges related to repeated Patterns, painful childhood, curses, contracts, vows etc.

A client of Ours who is a scientist is USA had an accident while cycling and she became Paralytic waist down, after some time she had a breakup with her boyfriend who left her as he didn’t want to take care of a girl on wheelchair.

Her life had become tough and for a long time she was on her own, but her strong will to live and lead a happy life took her to many therapists across the world, she wanted to know why this happened to her and will she be able to walk again.

She contacted Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression Noida center) from the USA and Amit Michael (PLR expert) advised her to go for Past Life Regression online India therapy. Initially, she was resistant to the whole idea and kept delaying for nearly one and a half year.

But she again contacted Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression online Noida center) two years back and planned her trip to India for getting her therapy done. Her friend in India who is a businessman helped her with logistics and helped in bringing her over in a wheelchair and staying back with during her therapy.

During her Past life regression session, she saw more than 6 lives and she got all the answers to her questions. The miraculous thing that happened with her was that she was looking for love but being on wheelchair it was a challenge. This same friend of hers, soon after the therapies proposed to her and after some time, they were blessed with a Baby boy.

Her friend shuttled between India and USA and she gave testimonial which is on Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression near me) YouTube Channel. She released all her curses, Vows, contracts with all the souls in her Past Lives.

The second Client, who is a Producer of a Famous TV show, has suffered from Black Magic negative effects on his life and was bedridden for many years. When he visited Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression Noida center) he came on a wheelchair and soon after he completed his therapy sessions, he was able to walk and he found all his answers why ill effects of Black Magic happened to him, why his near and dear ones did this to him and all his answers came from Past Life Regression online India with Angels. His testimonial is also on Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression online) YouTube channel.

So, in case you are suffering and not getting answers to your problems you should try Spiritual Past Life Regression Noida!

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