Past Life Regression Gurgaon

Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression Gurgaon center) specializes in Spiritual Past Life Regression online as well as in person, none of the healers in India or Abroad follow this practice, this practice was developed by the Master Healer Amit (Michael) who works very closely with Angelic world to Release Curses, Contracts, Vows, Karmic Debts, Karmic Diseases.

So far more than 10,000 Past Life Regression therapies has been done in the Past years. You can visit the Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression Gurgaon center) YouTube Channel and see some of their reviews and testimonials. It usually takes 8 to 15 sessions where each session continues from 1 hour to 1.5 hours duration to clear Past Life Regression karma. 

Angel Card Reading sessions related to Past Life Regression online as well as in person, Chakras Scan and Aura Scan is done before the therapy is recommended to clients. Unless the client is not in calm state of mind, and unless all the chakras are balanced, PLR Expert Amit Michael doesn’t start the Past Life Regression therapy. At Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression online India center) you just do not see your Past Lives, but you also get to release negative karma, negative beliefs, negative patters from the past lives. In general Practice, a client is made to sit on a chair and with Hypnosis he / she is taken into Past Lives, this practice should be strictly avoided by the clients as it leads to re-opening of painful Pandora Box, many years back a program was broadcasted on National TV where many celebrities saw their Past lives, they had pain, tears and trauma after the shoot was over and after many months, those celebrities visited us claiming they still have old Past Life Memories which Haunt them till date.

So we at Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression near me), had to restart the whole Program, by calming the Clients Anxiety, stress, pain and also after balancing the Chakras and setting the Aura right took the Celebrities in Past Lives. At Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression near me) we not only help them release their Karmic debts with other souls, but we also helped them in removing pain, trauma, curses, contracts and vows etc.

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