Past Life Regression Delhi

Past Life Regression Delhi, commonly known as PLR, is usually done for the interest of knowing the unknown from the past lives, but we at Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression near me) Amit Michael (PLR expert) does Past Life Regression online reading and PLR therapy (Spiritual) in person by invoking the Angels.

At Angels Heal U (Past life Regression online India center) in each session clients don’t only come to know about their Past Lives incident but also, release their past Life Karmas, Contracts, Vows, Curses etc.

We never recommend our clients to start the therapy straight away. At Angels Heal U (Past Life Regression near me), it is mandatory to check the client’s state of mind, understand the issues, challenges of current lives, blockages, medical issues, and the reason why client wants to go for Past Life Regression Delhi Session.

We at Angels Heal U, ensure that the client is comfortable, is in sound and calm state of mind, all the chakras are balanced, and once all the parameters are in order, the journey to Past Life Regression online and in person starts.

It usually takes 8 to 15 sessions to clear all Past Life Karmas, Contracts, Curses, Vows etc.

Unless the Past life Soul and the people involved in Past Life Karmas, Contracts, Curses, Vows are not release and sent to peace and white light the session is not complete.

Many clients have experienced and understood the challenges in current life were related to Past lives and once the Curses, Contracts, Vows, Self-Proclaimed Curses were released from the Past Life’s, the issues of current life got resolved.

Some clients had diseases since childhood and they got the answers why they got the disease in the current life , some had issues with parents , spouse , money , job , stability ,some had serious issues of people coming in the current life and cheating on them for Money , Love , Relationship all the reasons were related to acts and Karmas of Past Life once these were released the clients had peace and solutions in current life , many clients got correct diagnosis after medical issues after Past Life Session.

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