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Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing can be used in a various ways. In its most simple form, you can use it to answer questions or aid in decision making. Pendulums can also be used for:

  • Healing, clearing energies, clearing chakras balancing energies
  • Identifying any issues of love, health, career, travel, money, family, finance, investments
  • To check compatibility between people, place, things, honesty or fairness
  • To cleanse and dispel negative energies in a room/house/office.
  • To connect with angels.

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  • To get answers in yes or no
  • To Purify your food, medicines, aura etc
  • To choose investments and stocks, careers, relationship, dates, timings etc
  • To charges positive energies in food, humans, plants and animals (This can be done by trained healers only)

Duration of the course –1 day