Elementor #1036

angel meditations

Twin Flame

The Magical Love

Oh, that connection! The knowing. That fire in the chest. The electricity in the entire body. The eye contact takes time and space into another dimension of infinite peace, love, and beauty. I am home: Boost Your & YOUR TWINS Magical Love with Reiki & Angel Healing 

The Separation

Oh, what? How on Earth is that even possible?! Insanity. Heart palpitations. Pain. Etheric presence. Magnetic pull. Relentless. 

The Ego Fury

Not my twin, no way! Further Research. False twin for sure. Oh no, the matrix twin. Why am I the awake one?! Why am I the one having to do all the work?! Why am I the one feeling the pain whilst they are just fine without me?! Not fair. I want my control back. Get your TWIN RID of his/her EGO Fury

Ego surrender

Ok, this is not helping. I’m just going to let go and let God, meditate and wait. He/she will be back, or not don’t I know. Stop Torturing let the Ego’s die

Ego comeback

Ok, I’ve been waiting long enough now. Where the hell is he/she??? This is just ridiculous!!! Oh, he/she must be thinking about me too. Is He/she in soul shock? That’s what it is. It’s ok then. At least I’m the awake one who knows. If only he/she knew what I know! I will tell him/her one day. Oh, maybe he/she knows already? Kill the EGO of Your TWIN FLAME

Letting go

Ok, I must go to that happy place again when I had faith and patience. The union is inevitable in divine timing they said. Let Go of Fear /Doubt /Anger /Disappointment

Ego comeback

Does he/she even remember me? I’ll send him a text. No reply???!!! Has he/she lost his/her mind? I’m his/her twin! My God this is torture. Get rid of Your and your Twin Flames EGO

Losing faith

It’s never gonna happen. He’s got a karmic relationship to live out. Not this lifetime. I’ll go meet someone else. Soulmate rebound. Oh, bother! It’s never gonna meet. I’ll just have to be alone for the rest of my life. Gain Faith and reach out to your TWIN FLAME

Ghosts from the past

Just what I need on top of everything! All these demons from the past knocking on my door making me upset, angry, guilty and unworthy. Nothing compares to what I’ve been going through lately. get rid of Fears of feelings

Emotional Healing

I’m not afraid anymore. Nothing can break me. Feelings come, feelings flow, feelings go. Wow! No need to hide them in the dark place. This is amazing! No need to live in denial, hiding behind the lies of made-up justification. I am free. Let’s dig them all out. See what’s in there, where it came from. Internal spring clean.

Union within. Balance

Gain Peace. Power. Knowledge. Wisdom. True love for self. Deep understanding and compassion for others. Freedom. Oneness

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