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Career prediction-Angels gives the right direction to your career

Know all about your life. Know-how will be your career, marriage life, health all things in one place. Get your personalized accurate life prediction by archangels & guardian angels, come and find out what the future holds for you.

Our life has several phases. We face different types of challenges and problems in different phases of life. But some people face problems in every step of life. Most of the times each one of us has certain doubts, questions, and confusions and that is natural and therefore to know the root cause we opt for angel card reading. It is completely natural to wonder about what is next in our future.

Chakra Healing
Angel Therapy

Find Out The Cause Of Your Life Problems With Future Prediction


Planning for the future? We do not know what will happen in the future? But we can predict the future and can create our future. Every action we take, every decision we make has much importance in deciding our future. Dew to past life karmas you may be going through doubts, questions, and confusions.

In this period everything you will do have a negative find out the exact problem.We always have archangels, guardian angels, ascended masters or sprit guides with us and they are always ready to guide us and they have prediction / guidance for us.

About the Reiki Level 2 Course:

A Reiki Level 2 course is for those who hold a Reiki Level 1 certificate, and who wish to further unlock the power of Reiki (up to 4 times more powerful than level 1). With level Reiki level 2 training, you will greatly enhance the power of both your own healing capacity, and that you which you offer to others. With Reiki level 2 you will feel even more empowered and confident. Reiki level 2 furthers your personal development and is your next step towards empowering yourself for greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. With Reiki level 2 certification, you can now move towards a career as a professional Reiki Practitioner.

What you’ll receive from our Reiki Level 2 training:

Courses Duration: 2 Days 

A level 2 Reiki training manual

Reiki 2 certificate

Lunch+ Life Long Support & Guidance

Access to Online Guided Meditations, including Chakra Healing Meditations

Ongoing support and advice. Three weeks after the attunement weekend, an optional Reiki share will be organized for all students, answer any questions, go over any of the techniques used, and give and receive Reiki treatments.

What You’ll gain from Reiki Level 2 Courses:

1. Angels Overview
2. The 14 Major Archangels
3. Angel Reiki Basics and Angels
4. Identification of Challenges
5. Diagnosis of Issues
6. Arch Angel Metatron Meditation
7. Seek Permission for Healing
8. Angel Reiki for Mind, Body and Soul
9. Transmutation of Sorrow, Grief, Agony
10. Distance Angel Reiki Healing
11. Healing Business space with Angel Reiki
12. How to open and close a Space before and after Healing
13. Crystals, Chakras and Color Therapy
14. Cleansing Crystals for Angel Reiki Healing
15. Essential Oils to balance Chakras
16. Food to balance Chakras
17. Clothes to Balance Chakras
18. Colors To Balance Chakras
19. How to Remove Psychic Attacks |Voodoo |Black Magic |Negative Energies

Certified Student

Gaurav Kashyap

Gaurav Kashyap on receiving Certificate of
Course Angel Healing Level 1

Jagrati Sharma

Jagrati Sharma on receiving Certificate of
Course Pendulum Dowsing

Angel Healing Course
Angel Healing Course

About your Instructor:


Jasmeet (Jophiel’s)

She trained herself in Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher and has the lineage of world-renowned Reiki Grandmaster Mr. William Lee Rand, U.S.A. Michigan U.S.A, E.F.T(Emotional Freedom Technique) by Dr. Paula Horan U.S.A, Angel Healing & Angel Tarot Cards by Great Masters. Through meditation, she connects beautifully with the Angelic realm. Jophiel has developed combined REIKI +EFT + ANGEL HEALING Techniques™, the combination of all three has produced excellent results for her clients and they have experienced a refreshing and happy & blessed life style. Being a Clairsentience, Jophiel has a very deep connection with Arch Angel Jophiel who always guides her and channels her during her healing sessions. She always conducts her sessions by putting her faith in the universal life force energy.

Amit (Michael)

Having spent 26 years in the corporate world at the helm of affairs, the calling came to help people, and as the spirituality ran in his blood, eventually to answer his true calling, he left the corporate world and learned several sacred healing modalities through various Masters in India and abroad. He trained himself in Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher and has the lineage of world-renowned Reiki Grandmaster Mr. William Lee Rand, U.S.A. Michigan, E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) by Dr. Paula Horan U.S.A- Clinical Hypnotherapist by EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation– Angel Healing & Angel Tarot Cards by Great Masters. Through meditation, he connects beautifully with the Angelic realm. Apart from holistic healing, he is a motivational speaker, and the best spiritual healer in Delhi and also conducts corporate workshops for team building and also practices Chakra Balancing which is the most important aspect for a human to live happily in this lifetime, also clearing & balancing the energies of home you live in and the place of your work (office) or factories