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Reiki Grandmaster Course

Reiki Courses:-

We can teach you All levels of Reiki Healing.

We believe 1 member in each family should be a Healer who can help his/her family and friends.

Course contents:- Explanation of attunement processes of Reiki IIIB and Reiki Grandmaster, knowledge of Violet Flame, and Raku & Antahkarana symbols, The Correct Reiki Symbols, Reiki and the Mahayana & Vajrayana Buddhism, Japanese Reiki Tachniques, 40 Breath Meditation for Energizing, Grounding Exercise & Healing the Earth, Brain Balancing, Astro Reiki, Laser Reiki, 70 Other Powerful Symbols and four Attunements of Reiki Grandmaster with Raku and Antahkarana symbols. Course duration–2 days. 4 attunements of Reiki Grandmaster will also be explained to the students.

Course Duration : 3 Days