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Level 1 – Healing with the Angels

Duration of the Course – 2 days

Topics covered:

Angels Healing Level 1

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    Introduction to Angels and Archangels :-
    Here you will understand about all about Major Arch Angels , Personality : Aura: Color : Role & Appearance and how to connect with them
  2. How to call upon Angels and seek their help : As we go to a Flying Academy and learn how to fly a plane , similarly you will lean how to call on Angels and seek their help as and when required.
  3. How to receive and understand Angel messages for yourself and others :- This is a beautiful process here you will learn how to connect with angels and understand the message Angels are trying to channel through you and also what they are trying to communicate to you and to your loved ones ,you can also seek messages for your clients .
  4. Understanding and working the power of the Archangels :- Once you go ahead with the course you will start feeling the power of Angels and understand how to work with their powers under their guidance ,for your self , your loved ones and your clients .
  5. Angelic shielding and Psychic protection: Must for everyone now a days, lots of incidences of Psychic attacks or Black Magic happens, here you will learn how to protect your self and your loved ones and even your clients from Psychic attacks or even Black Magic.
  6. Chakra Healing with 7 Major Archangels : For those who have not learnt REIKI don’t be disappointed! Now you can Heal all 7 Chakras with the help of Angels and live a happy blessed life. For those who practice REIKI this will be an additional qualification with more power to use the combination of Angel Healing and Reiki Healing
  7. Violet Flame Chakra Cleansing : A must for every Healer or individual you will experience and learn about how, why and when to use VIOLET FLAME and the benefits of violet FLAME
  8. Pendulum Dowsing with Angelic Healing :As Pen is mightier than sword Pendulum Dowsing can remove any Negative Energy and even answer Questions you ask. Another feather in your cap!
  9. Using Angel Oracle Cards as a divination tool for yourself and your clients : This will help you to understand divine messages from the angels and you will be able to do self-predictions and predictions for your clients.
  10. Etheric Cord Cutting : This exercise is a must to lead a Happy , Healthier life for self and your loved ones also learn how to cut Etheric Cord for your Clients
  11. Healing Heart Meditation with Arch Angel Chamuel : A must here you will learn how AA Chamuel can turn around your life and how you can attract Abundance | Love |Money | Name | Fame |Fortune |Great Health
  12. Understanding Angel Signs : How does it feel when everything goes Right ,Perfect .You start Enjoying your life ,so let your self , your loved ones stay is state of bliss and Guide your clients with Angel Signs and messages

We Provide: Course Material + Pendulum Dowser + Certificate + Life long Guidance

Tea / Coffee /Snacks & Lunch on both days